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New to E-Cig Vaporizers?

Ricky Here. Firstly, congratulations for making the choice to quit smoking, and thanks for inquiring here at 7 Mile Vapor! Relax and stop worrying. You can quit smoking today and not loose your marbles trying to do it.

If you're new to E-Cigs, you've probably experienced frustration and confusion about the range and purpose of products available. Here, I will explain the basic components of our E-Cig kits and their purpose, so that you can forge ahead with confidence. At the bottom of this page you will find two kits that I have designed specifically to meet the needs of "newbies" so you can kick smoking and start vaping! (By the way, "vaping" is what we call using a Tank Style Vaporizer)

Tank Style Vaporizers like the ones we sell at 7 Mile Vapor are not the same as Blue, V2, N-Joy or anything else that looks like a traditional cigarette. If you tried one of these e-cigs and found they did not meet your expectations of price, battery life and performance, then you're not alone. The growing consensus on these products is they're, well, rubbish. Tank Style Vaporizers are far superior to traditional e-cigs. They are powerful, perform consistently, offer many options, and are much less expensive over time.

Tank Style Vaporizers consist of three primary components: a tank, a battery, and e-liquid.

  • Vivi Nova v3 Tank
  • Ego Twist Battery
  • E-Liquid

Basically you have a tank with a wick inside it. You pour e-liquid into the tank and attach the tank to the battery. When you press the button on the battery, the wick (also known as an “Atomizer coil”) heats up the E-liquid inside the tank, turning it into vapor. You puff on it while holding the button down and there you have it; you're vaping. Kind of simple isn't it?

What else do I need to know?


7 Mile Vapor shop sells 1100mAh rechargeable batteries in all of their starter kits. What's mAh? It stands for "milliamp hour" and provides insight into how much electrical capacity is stored in the battery, but right now don't worry about it. Just know that the batteries we sell in our kits will last you on average about 14 hours a day or more before needing to be recharged. They will charge up from empty to full in about 2 hours. In the photo below is a wall charger and a USB plug. The USB plug can charge your battery from a tablet,computer, your car, your boat, plane, air balloon, submarine, whatever.

Replacement Wicks

Over time, the wick inside your tank will lose its ability to heat the e-liquid. Replacing a wick, like refilling the tank, is simple, and can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

How often do I need to change wicks?

When I first quit smoking and started Vaping a wick usually lasted me a solid week or more before I had to change it. I was a very heavy vaper in that I really used my e-cig quite a bit. I also used a high level of nicotine in my e-liquid. At the time that’s what it took to get me off of cigarettes. So, if you use your vaporizer often with a high level of nicotine, you will need to change your wicks out more often. Wicks are usually around $2.50 - $3.00 each.


E-liquid is arguably the the most interesting part of vaping. 7 Mile E-Liquid is made up of pharmacy grade propylene glycol and pharmacy grade vegetable glycerine, natural flavors and trace amounts of sweeteners. We also add pharmaceutical grade nicotine to our E-Liquid as requested by our customers. Nicotine levels are available at 0, 8, 12, 16, and 24mg. On Average a 20ml bottle of E- liquid will last even a heavy user a week. 20ml of e-liquid is $8.00 or $15 for 35ml. 7 Mile Vapor has over 36 Different E-Liquid flavors to choose from and they're all customize able to suit you.

Common Sense

The other essential ingredient for vaping is common cense and patience. There is basic maintenance and upkeep involved when using a Tank Style Vaporizer. Changing wicks, filling your tanks, cleaning & charging your battery. Trust me if you can figure out how to use a smart phone you can use a vaporizer.

Is it Worth It?

Well let’s look at it here. You're going to spend on average $11 a week or less vaping and you will no longer be a smoker. Depending on where you live lets say you smoke a pack a day and it costs you on the low side $6.50 a day. That’s $45.50 a week, $197.70 a month, and $2372.50 a year, as compared to $572 a year vaping. (That’s if your a heavy e-cig user, most people cut back naturally in a few months others completely quit within a few weeks. We're all different) As an e-cig user you can qualify for cheaper health insurance, you will reduce the amount of wrinkles in your face, and you'll have twice as much energy as you had before. I’m not going to tell you smoking is bad for you and for the people around, you I’m guessing you already know that. So is it worth it? Absolutely!

So let’s look at some kits and I’ll suggest some E-liquids for you depending on What brand you prefer and how many cigarettes you smoke a day.

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